Regardless of whether you hire someone to do your small business accounting or not, you need to have a good accounting system or small business accounting guide in place, understand how it works, and track some of your days to day business activities. Even though setting up a business is an exciting new chapter in life, the first and most important step is to  learn Accounting Basics for running Small Businesses

Keeping Tax Records

Whether you have a startup or large business, keeping tax records is the most important thing for business owners. But when tax time rolls around, most of the business owners get panic as their company does not have its tax records in order which makes the situation worse.

To keep good records of your tax, the first thing to do is have a good accounting service or accounting guide in place. To keep good records of tax, all you need is to keep good accounting records. These days, several good accounting software packages will serve you well as a small business owner. You may still want to outsource your final tax return to a tax accountant. However, your final tax return is a product of your good record keeping through your accounting software system in-house.

Expense Tracking 

Starting a new business brings common monthly or occasional business expenses in your budget and tax planning but if you have an accounting guide then somehow you are relieved from making blunders in finances. Although different types of businesses have different expenses and it is a must requirement of any business to keep a record of where your money is going. Accounting software helps business owners to simply track expenses. You will know at a glance what you are spending and how profitable you are, without the headache of spreadsheets or shoeboxes of receipts.


Managing your accounting means that you need a bookkeeper who can take care of your finances and also bookkeeping means the recording, on a day-to-day basis, of the financial transactions and information about a business. It ensures that records of the individual financial transactions are correct, up-to-date, and comprehensive. Accuracy is therefore vital to the process. Bookkeeping Service provides the information from which accounts are prepared. It is a distinct process that occurs within the broader scope of accounting. Bookkeeping is an essential part of the business so you can track your financial records in no time.


Thousands of small businesses fall: they make the sale, then sit on the invoice for one, two, or three weeks, in some instances, months, before posting the invoice to the customer. They fail to recognize the importance of invoicing on time. It’s like giving away money for free. This time lag can hurt your cash flow. The ideal situation is where you have a surplus of income over expenditure – your profit. It should be your priority of issuing invoices as soon as the work is completed/delivered. Online accounts software is a great help here – record the sale, raise the invoice and click to send via email and/or print a copy to send via snail mail. Simple, easy, and very effective.


A payroll system is important for businesses to calculate payroll accurately in compliance with taxing authority. Choose a Payroll program that is simple to use and affordable. These systems can calculate taxes and deductions according to the person’s needs. Payroll services are an efficient way of calculating pay than a manual system. Payroll software programs simplify information, generate reports, and minimize manual efforts. The simplicity and effectiveness of payroll systems provide great advantages to organizations.  These systems allow easy management of employees’ salaries, wages, taxes, and other deductions

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