In the accounting method, the term bookkeeping plays a particularly important role as it includes systematic recording and proper classification of financial data for an organization in an exceptionally smooth and orderly manner. Signs bookkeeper you must allocate are helping in telling the financial position of the company.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a key component in creating all financial statement for the organization or business by the end of the fiscal year, along with a benefit of providing a systematic classification of all financial transactions which are important to maintaining proper financial accounts which also includes creating source documents for the given financial transactions. It benefits by maintaining records which gives us the financial position of every income and expenditure for the account by instantly giving us detailed information required.

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Signs bookkeeper steals from you

You must kook at these four signs bookkeeper can steal from, you but perfectly helps in your business :

THE BOOKS AREN’T ADDING UP– First signs bookkeeper have

Okay, this is an obvious point, but it needs to be done. If you notice that there is an undesirable number of adjustments within your accounting records, it may be time to look into it. Adjustments are sometimes common and expected to happen, but the pattern of this type of work without a proper definition is a sign of a serious problem.

Why don’t the books add up at the end of the day? Where do the problems come from? Are there any issues with your financial statements? You may need to ask some difficult questions, but those are important questions to ask. Look for bookmakers who take records home, or choose to work in an office where no one is present. Also be aware of common “errors” such as improper adjustment of payment receipts, deposit records, supplier letters, etc.


Your book manager should be a very open person in your business. He should be happy to show you anything and everything in accounting software, at all times. If there is a feeling of confidentiality within the system, or any hesitation to show you the books, you should be concerned. As a general business owner or manager, there is no valid reason why you cannot see the books whenever you wish. A book owner who steals a company may be reluctant to change the details, so do not hesitate to ask anyone who is more careful with the books. If your bookmaker, office manager, or another co-worker/employee receiving letters from your company or property suddenly shows new habits, such as coming to work on weekends or working long hours, it is important to pay attention.

These red flags can be a good reason to look at letters with the employee more closely. You may notice that the accountant seeks to discontinue or control all financial transactions. For example, if it is the only employee who registers entries, there must be someone else who uses the payments. This ensures the division of labor and creates an internal control system.

CASH FLOW TAKES A DIVE- Important signs bookkeeper have

If your business has been operating at the same rate as it normally does, but suddenly your cash flow is running out, you may want to take a closer look at your day-to-day operations. Is there really a small amount of money going into the business, or is it ‘leaking’ somewhere? Many businesses generate predictable levels of revenue based on how many customers come through the door – or how many invoices are sent – so you shouldn’t take much effort to find a problem.

Keep your finger on the beat by doing random checks on your books to make sure things are going smoothly. Also, you should be aware of your own retail stores – for example, do they suddenly go beyond their usual means? Once your cashflow has sunk and the librarian suddenly buys a nice new car – it’s time to take a closer look. Drunkenness or drug use is another big red flag – unfortunately, those who suffer from addiction can look for a very simple solution when times are hard or money is low – and if your van is left open, you are at risk.


This is another point about the ‘secret’ problem. Be careful if you give your accountant some help with other requests to help manage simple tasks such as sending payments or cutting checks, and the accountant assists with that. People often do not refuse help when it comes to getting their work done. They may have a lower incentive to choose to work alone.


If you are looking for an unwise option that can help you grow your business – which eliminates all potential for theft, consider outdated accounting and bookkeeping. More and more businesses are using technology to take advantage of empowering with a viable option – a solution that won’t steal from you. Not the daily routine, but as a business owner you are always on the lookout for how your financial services are performing.

Autofilings offers a standard booking service that can handle most of the work done by a person without the risk of theft. Also, we offer many other benefits, including reliable accuracy, cost savings, 24/7 availability, and more. If you’d like to forget about any of your accountant’s chances of skipping your line below, consider appointing a robot manager to handle your day-to-day operations.

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