There are various tools for remote employee management. You can get them through an online platform easily. In these trying times of pandemic, many employees have to suddenly adopt the new normal working conditions from the comfort of their homes. While many employees are still adjusting to this new change in their office environment, so are the employers. Both big and small businesses, enterprises, and offices are managing their remote employees. For small businesses that are experiencing managing their employees in this new way, you may need some digital tools for the smooth workflow for your business. Here we have listed some digital tools and ways you may require for the remote work.  

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Tools Remote Employee Management For the Group Meetings


With the new way of work from home programs, you may need some visual way to convey your messages directly to your employees, without much distractions and noise, and to listen back to what they have to say. You can also do many things on videoconference like sharing your computer screen for showcasing any report, file, or any other data to your employees. There are many solutions for hassle-free video conferencing in the market. Each of these tools differs from each other on free trial periods they provide, the number of people included in a meeting, and if they are free or paid services. Here are some of our recommendations for videoconferencing tools.

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Cisco Webex

“Hassle-free video conferencing that just works”. This is what Cisco Webex promises to its users from their services. It is best known in the market for its easy to use features and user- friendly interface. It can connect to any device and can easily coordinate with other apps like Google Drive, Gmail, and Office 365.

Webex is free to use the app for individual users for personal affairs where you can add up to 100 users. Each meeting will last for around 50 minutes. While the free plan has its own charms, there are other small plans starting at $13.50 per month per host. There is an annual billing option too. For further details, check out the Webex website.

Google Hangouts Meet

if you are an advent user of Google’s G suite of business like us, you may also know about Hangouts Meet.  Google Hangout Meet is a simple gateway to connect to your peers for meetings and other things. The main part of this app is to make video calls accessible and easy to join from any device and location. You can download the official hangouts meet app on iOS and Android.

You can be part of the meetings through the help of G Suite collaboration and tools like Google Calendar or Email invitations.


Zoom appears to have become a well known new videoconferencing answer for groups that are working distantly just because. Numerous individuals are likewise utilizing Zoom to essentially mingle and have “upbeat hours” with companions during Covid forced social separating.

Zoom has inherent joint effort apparatuses and numerous gathering members can share their screens, alongside start to finish encryption for gatherings. Zoom likewise makes it simple to record your gatherings and spare records of the discussion.

Also, Zoom is free for singular individual clients, despite the fact that there are a few cutoff points on how long your gatherings can be when utilizing the free arrangement; “Expert” plans for little groups start at $14.99 every month.

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Tools remote employee management: For sharing files, data, and spreadsheets

There are a few incredible coordinated effort apparatuses for working distantly that can enable your employees and you to share archives, documents, files, presentations, and spreadsheets. Regardless of whether you are as of now utilizing a portion of these digital tools for your typical business tasks, working distantly may offer you the chance to investigate some new highlights or utilize these instruments in more ways.

Here we have discussed some of the most digital tools for a coordinated remote work.


The Box offers a set-up of coordinated effort tools with cutting edge security controls and consistent cooperation so everybody can be in the same spot when sharing documents. Box additionally offers consistent work processes and reconciliations with more than 1,400 applications.

Also, the Box offers an assortment of plans and evaluating for organizations everything being equal, including free individual plans and “Starter” plans for little groups beginning at $5 every month per client.

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Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business combines secure document stockpiling with a brilliant workspace that allows you to make, store, and offer cloud-based substance. You can incorporate Dropbox with different other specialized features like Leeway and Zoom, and coordinated effort applications, for example, Google Docs, PowerPoint, and Trello. You can access your Dropbox by means of an internet browser, PC, PC, or cell phone.

Dropbox Marketable strategies start at $12.50 per client every month, and you can attempt it for nothing. Also, read regarding Automated Bookkeeping that can assist you.

Google Drive Business

In the event that you use Gmail for your own email, you’re most likely acquainted with Google Drive. Yet, did you realize that you can utilize Google Drive Business for your business? Google Drive utilizes the intensity of simulated intelligence to naturally sort and minister explicitly suggested workspaces dependent on the archives that you access the most. Also, you don’t need to be restricted to utilizing just Google Docs and Sheets — you can use more than 100 document types with Drive.

Google Drive begins at $8 per client every month, with a free preliminary trial.

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Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is Microsoft’s alternative to Drive or Dropbox: it interfaces with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Groups so you can get to, find and offer work records with any gadget. Safely share records and flawlessly work together with your business’ representatives or with partners and customers outside your organization.

OneDrive for Business estimating and designs start at $5 per client every month, or $12.50 per client every month in the event that you need to have Microsoft Office applications included.

Youtube Live

It is another useful office tool for remote employees and organizations with remote teams. YouTube Live lets you record and send live videos to a remote person. Also suitable for live broadcasts, concerts, events, talk shows, and video training for remote audiences.
It is a great tool for sending broadcast around the world. The tool works well with your portable laptop or mobile camera and allows you to record and stream live videos instantly.


It is a task management and collaboration software that allows you to easily assign tasks. Also, manage projects for your agile team working remotely. One of the great features of this software is that it is able to perform many functions to reduce the administrative time spent on administration.
It can manage any agile workflow system and adapt it to fit your team’s performance to reduce project time. Provides visual work management using sprints (projects) and a complete history of previous sprints available in the user dashboard.


Jira is a management tool that is widely used in distributed teams. It is well known that many other companies are building integration tools with Jira. It is widely used by developers and marketers to assign and track projects by their remote teams.

Tools Remote Employee Management: For Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

For most businesses and companies, it may be hard to find ways to keep track of their financial statements. Especially for small businesses, where they have to keep the record of every finance in the traditional way of bookkeeping, this may be a great opportunity to change it up and go digital.

Here we have recommended some of the digital tools which you can use safely and easily;

Intuit QuickBooks Online 

One of the best bookkeeping tools out there in the market. It has got all the features that you will need to keep a smooth workflow for your remote work. With Intuit, you can capture receipts, track income and expenses, send invoices, and receive payments. Also, it has got 24/7 customer care support.QuickBooks Online helps you a lot. 

The starting plan starts at $8 per month. There are other plans from which you can choose depending on the needs you have.

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Another great tool for keeping track of your finances and reports. Freshbooks integrates with many business applications and provides you with a single dashboard to manage your finances and accounting. You can send out recurring invoices, time tracking capability, and run a subscription model business.

The highlight feature of Freshbooks is that you can actually see the location where a customer has opened your invoice and you can call them out. Starting plans are $15 per month.

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Other features include group messaging, visual activity management, easy task sharing, and editing, performance reports, chats, personal and group chats, email integration, and more. if you want services online via tools remote employee management, log in today!

Here are the top 12 project management tools out there. You can use these many tools as needed to improve your remote product and save time. Every tool has its own particular quality and unique characters. As you will find, most of these tools are also useful for teams and office workers. Therefore, feel free to explore and use the ones you like.

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